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Background Screening Services

P•A•S Investigations has created an alliance with a highly competitively priced background screening firm that will provide you with premium screening services.


Pre-employment screening is a necessary part of any business’s hiring procedure due to the high mobility of today’s society. Generally, a simple background screening consisting of a criminal search and social security trace will give the employer a good representation of the person they intend to hire. As well, through the Negligent Hiring Doctrine, which is legally recognized in approximately thirty-one states, an employer is responsible for, and can be held accountable for, checking the background and references of any job applicant before placing that applicant in a position of high public contact.


The negligent hiring theory holds that an employer owes a duty to coworkers, customers, and the general public, and any of these groups may sue an employer for the harmful acts of an employee if the company failed to adequately research an employee’s background. In ruling on negligent hiring and/or retention claims, courts generally examine how and to what extent employers investigated an applicant’s background prior to hiring.


To that end, the first-rate background screening firm we have joined with has streamlined the employment screening process, allowing us to obtain results instantly in many cases.


If you would like to utilize the background screening services we offer, please use the forms on this page.


For a pre-employment screening, the applicant must complete and sign the appropriate employment application (most companies will utilize the P•A•S California Private Employer application found below and under HR Forms) and the Disclosure and Authorization Form also found below.

Criminal History (national, state, county, federal)

Civil Records (county and federal)

Sexual Offender Registry

Credit History

Motor Vehicle Report

Professional Licensing

Education/Credentials Verification

Employment Verification

Professional References

Healthcare Sanctions/Criminal History

Social Security Number Trace

For current employees, the employee must only complete and sign a Disclosure and Authorization Form. The employer must then complete the Client Order Form found below indicating the required services, then either email the forms to Shelly@PASassociates.com, mail the forms to 1401 19th Street, Suite 235, Bakersfield, CA 93301, or fax them to 661-631-2841.


Once we receive the completed forms, the request will be processed and we’ll often have the results back to you within 48 to 72 hours.


For more information regarding these services, or to obtain pricing, please contact us at 661-631-2165 or email us.


Form Downloads:


California Private Employer

Application for Employment


Disclosure and

Authorization Form


Client Order Form




It is extremely important that all employees or potential employees complete the authorization form prior to proceeding with any background check or investigation. To do otherwise could create an unwanted liability situation for you as the employer.


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