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P•A•S is a human resources consulting firm founded in 1987 as Professional Administrative Systems. The firm was founded specifically with small- and medium-sized businesses, government sector, and non-profit organizations in mind.  There were a number of such firms serving Fortune 500 companies; however, at that time there were a limited number serving the type of organizations listed above.


Now known as P•A•S, the firm is based in the Kress Building in Bakersfield, California, and serves clients in 30 states, providing such services as retainer general human resources assistance and employee policy handbook creation, with related compliance; compensation surveys; human resources audits; classification reviews; organizational studies; affirmative action plans; job description evaluation and creation; customized recruiting; human resources-related training; and employee satisfaction/opinion surveys, providing an unsurpassed Human Resource Center.


In addition, P•A•S was invited by the California Chamber of Commerce to partner and form a state-wide Human Resources Consultant’s Network. P∙A∙S has grown to include a number of highly qualified human resources staff members and associate consultants, specializing in various fields, such as labor law, safety, workers’ compensation, contraband control, and conflict resolution, as well as management consulting and coaching.



P•A•S offers employers a trusted partnership that provides peace of mind by minimizing HR liability, enhancing team effectiveness, and promoting profitability.

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