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The following links have been gathered as a collection of online resources. These links have been placed in categories for your convenience: HR Resources, Government, Risk Management, and Employee Recruiting. In addition to the online resources P•A•S also recommends these Associate Consultants.

HR Resources

Risk Management

Employee Recruiting

The American Management Association assists with developing organizational effectiveness.

The Association for Talent Development formerly the American Society for Training & Development provides leadership to individuals and organizations.

The Society for Human Resource Management offers sound advice on employment matters.

The International Association for Human Resource Information Management. A global source for human resource management.

HR.com is the largest web destination in North America for HR experts, advice, resources, products and services.

The Kern County Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management.


The National Council on Compensation Insurance is a shared-service organization offering information to the workers compensation industry.


The Risk Management Society offers information regarding worksite risk and insurance services.


The American Risk & Insurance Association offers information regarding worksite risk.


Career Builder is a leading site that offers career services, job leads and employer job posting that specializes in networking employers and employees into specific industries.


Monster.com is the largest comprehensive employment site on the Internet.

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