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Pandemic: Treat it like running a marathon

Once upon a time, we may have dreamed of working from home. There’s flexibility, convenience and a lack of pestering bosses. Then the coronavirus pandemic crashed down on us like a storm-tossed wave onto a crowded beach. With little warning and preparation, millions of Americans – including many in Bakersfield – are experiencing their dream …

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California’s new ‘gig law’ snagging Kern employers

The passage last year of Assembly Bill 5, which became law on Jan. 1, has sent shock waves and confusion through California’s labor market. More than 30 bills have been introduced in the Legislature to change, delay or overturn the “gig economy” bill. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by both employers and independent contractors. And …

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Employment arbitration hotly contested

BY KAREN BONANNO Placed in the crosshairs of a contentious conflict between state and federal labor laws, California employers must assess and limit their risks. After being rebuffed by former Gov. Jerry Brown, arbitration opponents in the state Legislature found a more sympathetic ear with California’s new Gov. Gavin Newsom, who in October signed into …

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What did you say? Watch your mouth!

A friend told me recently about her experience working years ago in a rough-and-tumble office environment. My response was a mixture of amazement and shock. Could that really happen today? Yes, but it shouldn’t. My friend told me about working in a deadline-driven, male-dominated industry. Especially as the daily stress built up, the cuss words …

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Working employees ‘off the clock’ is risky

File this under being “penny-wise and pound-foolish” — trying to save a small amount of money on labor costs at the risk of losing much more. California’s high court delivered a sobering warning this summer to coffee giant Starbucks when justices unanimously ruled that workers must be paid for doing menial tasks, such as closing …

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California law now guards ‘salary

A new California law says you can’t ask, but it doesn’t say job applicants can’t tell. Beginning in January, California employers are prohibited from asking applicants what they made in the past and using that information to determine a salary offer. Sponsored by Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, Assembly Bill 168 passed the Legislature last year …

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Newly promoted supervisors need ‘quick start’

As the year draws to a close, the focus of business owners and managers often shifts to workforce changes. The new year may see an expansion or reduction in business activities. Critical management employees may be retiring. These developments will require workplace adjustments. Notable among them is the promotion of existing line employees to supervisory …

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Leadership secrets of Santa help companies thrive

Likely you have already started seeing Christmas decorations in local stores. That is because the holidays are fast approaching and that means retailers are gearing up for their peak selling season. But it also means that companies in almost every industry are wrapping up their year and planning for 2018. This time of year is …

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