Conflict Resolution Assistance

P∙A∙S provides support to organizations in need of a trusted partner to assist individuals who are struggling with working effectively together.  These individuals may either be in open and direct conflict, or simply working to undermine the engagement and efficiency of their team.  In either situation, outside assistance is often necessary to provide a clear perspective and the respectful candor and accountability necessary to provide results that will decrease negatively and increase engagement and productivity.  How we handle this;

  • Meet with Management, Supervisor, or Owner to consult process
  • Facilitate a meeting with all parties involved
  • Define the problems
  • Facilitate and guide the decision-making process
  • Establish mutual agreements
  • Develop a written agreement for all parties to review and finalize
  • Follow-up with all parties involved to discuss progress made

Contact P•A•S Associates About Conflict Resolution Assistance

Our staff will respond to your inquiry within approximately 24-48 hours.

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