Employee Hotline Services

An Employee Hotline allows you to hear your employees’ concerns and complaints before their attorneys or a government agency does.  It’s going to be easier – and less expensive – to resolve issues before outsiders get involved.  With these services, your employees receive 24/7/365 access the P•A•S Employee Hotline by telephone or email to address such issues concerns with their supervisor or co-worker, irregularities in accounting and dealing with vendors; compliance issues such as discrimination, harassment, and pay concerns; safety issues; and general complaints and suggestions.

  • An introduction meeting of this benefit will be given by one of our HR Specialist to discuss with all employees
  • Flyers will be created specifically for your organization to post and hand out as a reminder of this service to employees
  • Anonymity is guaranteed – If an employee wishes to remain anonymous, they must trust that the Hotline is truly anonymous and that there will be no retaliation for using it
  • It’s connected to trustworthy people – Employees must trust the people to whom Hotline messages are delivered to maintain confidence and process information responsibly
  • Approved by management – Employees must believe that management will act when a complaint, allegation or suggestion is made

Contact P•A•S Associates About Employee Hotline Services

Our staff will respond to your inquiry within approximately 24-48 hours.

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