Employee Opinion Surveys

P•A•S Associates facilitates surveys that are customized to present an avenue for your employees to provide their candid feedback regarding their place of employment and increase their productivity, morale and retention.  The employee opinion surveys will provide feedback regarding your organization regarding employment as well as reveal areas that may require focus from the management.

  • Create a survey to distribute to employees
  • Gather the team members’ opinions of your organization, with the goal of measuring the health of the work environment
  • Identify problems in a measured and controlled manner, including potential concerns with pay, mood, morale, training, communication, goals, and objectives.
  • Provide a benchmark to monitor and measure progress in non-financial terms and assure improvement is taking place at a continuing pace.
  • Enhance the ability of these individuals to express their opinions and feel heard within their work environment, trying to identify problems that might otherwise manifest themselves negatively

Contact P•A•S Associates About Employee Opinion Surveys

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