How to manage employee communication in the hybrid era

Just as how we work has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, how we communicate at work has changed, too. Videoconferencing and messaging platforms are now the norm, but unless used intentionally, they can leave employees frazzled and frustrated — and less in sync with their co-workers, their managers and their organization.

And that can be expensive. According to a study conducted by Grammarly and The Harris Poll, companies with 500 employees lose $6.25 million each year resolving communication issues. Business leaders surveyed said that miscommunication leads to increased costs, missed deadlines, eroded brand reputation and decreased productivity.

Employees who feel less connected are more likely to jump ship, Andrea Dumont, chief marketing officer at Enboarder, told HR Dive. “Employees are looking to establish that genuine relationship with peers and the company they work for, to enable that sense of belonging,” she said. “They’re looking for true engagement, which is bred from connection and tied to great purpose and mission.”

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How to manage employee communication in the hybrid era | HR Dive

Source: Jen A. Miller, HR Dive


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